Potomac Wellbeing

Potomac Wellbeing


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A Dream That Came True

Free health care clinic founded by Potomac residents.

Fourteen years ago, Mercy Health Clinic was established in Gaithersburg with the mission to provide “quality health care from the heart for those in need.”

Increase Wellness, Decrease Stress

Members of Potomac Community Village learn easy-to-follow health tips.

More than 40 members and guests came out to listen to a presentation by certified personal trainer Stacy Holstein who spoke on the “Ten Best Ways to Increase your Wellness and Decrease your Stress.”

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Raising Funds and Awareness for Autism

Teams spark spirit at 14th Annual Autism Speaks 5K/Fun Walk on July 4.

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” The Autism Speaks 5K/Fun Run is living proof that joint efforts and collaboration are powerful. More than 100 teams gather forces each year to run and walk for their brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren, friends and school-mates — and also to support the drive to find a cure and better treatments for autism. The teams, made up of runners/walkers of all ages represent swim clubs, schools, families, friends and companies; many participants have been touched by autism and want to help raise funds and awareness for this important cause.

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Fisher Ortiz Leads Tennis Fundraiser for OI Research

He’s a “Kids Play for Good” ambassador.

Six-year-old Fisher Ortiz loves hitting baseballs, smacking tennis balls, and climbing high on a jungle gym. However, if he swings too hard, or misses a rung on a ladder, he could break an arm or leg because he was born with a rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), also known as “brittle bone disease.”

Storm Affects on Potomac

Storm and flooding had severe affect on Potomac.

Involve the Communities First

Early public notice and input are critical.

One of the important functions of a citizens association like WMCCA is bringing the community in touch with decision makers early in any process that will create change. Development proposals, recently enacted legislation, and alterations to the zoning code need to be aired and discussed before rumors and misconceptions get started.

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Even Roads Need Spring Cleaning

Since 2004, along Democracy Boulevard between Newbridge Drive and Seven Locks Road, Hopkins & Porter Construction team members have completed their routine clean-up for Adopt-A-Road several times a year.

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Yoga Center Plans Open House

Opposite the Potomac Library is One Aum, the new Yoga Center at 10008 Falls Road. One Aum is owned by a sister-brother duo. Sean FM, a yogi, poet, and musician, and Shannon Sharma, a veteran teacher, full-time yoga therapist and avid yoga practitioner.

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Hospice Caring Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Multiple programs for those at life’s end and for the families they leave behind.

In 1989, Penny Gladhill, and six other Frederick Hospice volunteers saw and felt the need for free hospice services in Montgomery County. With enthusiasm and determination, they initiated Hospice Caring — a nonprofit organization that has affected thousands of lives in Montgomery County for 25 years.

Animal Shelters, Wildlife Rehabbers Often Receive Needlessly Orphaned Birds

Area animal agencies caution that not every wild bird baby who looks as if it could use help actually needs it.

Rolling with It

A new vision for the Potomac Community Center’s rink of dreams has been adopted, while plans to use the former roller hockey rink at Potomac Community Center for athletes with disabilities are being finalized. Programs could start by the summer camp season, according to council documents. Montgomery County Council held a public hearing Feb. 11 on a proposal to use $250,000 of General Obligation Bonds and community contributions to convert the dormant roller hockey rink at the Potomac Community Center into an adaptive sports court for athletes with disabilities. “The increase is needed to meet the increased demands for therapeutic recreation services for persons with disabilities,” according to County Executive Isiah Leggett. “I appreciate your prompt consideration of this action.”

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Makes You Sweat, Makes You Sore — and Wanting More

Megaformer transforms Pilates workout.

Still working on that New Year’s Resolution to get fit and lose weight — but not making much progress? Sculpt Pilates Studio, featuring a new exercise program, recently opened Jan. 25 in Bethesda — with new machines and body sculpting exercises.

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Tennis Comes Alive with ‘T&T’ and ‘Live Ball’ Clinics

Tennis Comes Alive with ‘T&T’ and ‘Live Ball’ Clinics

“Smash that ball! Put it away! Finish the point! Move your feet! Get your racquet back up and ready for the next shot!” Participants pant, sweat drips — the game is on and players are striving to improve. Balls fly across the net as players hit ground strokes, volleys and overheads. Pros holler tips, instructions and commands — encouraging players to move more quickly and hit more solidly.

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Don’t Take Safe Drinking Water for Granted

In the wake of the chemical spill in West Virginia, weighing the threats to local drinking water.

Most of the 5 million residents in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area have no idea that their drinking water comes from the Potomac River, said Hedrick Belin, president of the Potomac Conservancy. “Until last week, the same could have probably been said for 300,000 residents in Charleston, W. Va.,” Belin added.

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The Flu Vaccine; Its Time To give It a Shot

On the Job with Potomac's Rite Aid Pharmacy Staff

More than 200,000 people are hospitalized each year for complications stemming from influenza (“the flu”).